All these

all these ought to be spoken
all these ought to be heard
all these could make a poem
from the sound of the spoken word

I heard the sleek hulls slicing the surface
the rumble of seats slide along the boat
the oars skittering over the water
the repeated rhythm of the stroke

the falling of a leaf to earth

I heard twin kayaks cutting the water
their stereo paddle strokes
the waspish buzz of an outboard
the slop of wash against the shore

the cathedral bell strike eleven

I heard paired footsteps along the towpath
one heavy plodding and slow
the other tripping light and fast
the harsh caw of a crow

children scuffing through the leaves

I heard the trundle of a pushchair
the tick tick of a bicycle wheel
the slap slap of swans wings on water
the sigh of wind through the trees

the cathedral clock strike twelve

all these have been spoken
all these have been heard
All these have made a poem
from the power of the spoken word

all these