Pyrus salicifolia pendula*

Spring promise of white blossom gone
grown to the hard green of small pears
browned and bletted they lie
ripe and scattered on the ground
almost turned to perry now
among the branches tangle and twine
dangle yellow leaves that soon will fall
long passed the bright spring green
unfurled from sharp brown buds

the music of the bells vibrates
ring upon ring upon ring
blends to a continuous reel of sound
that peals around the cloister walls
sounds round and around and round
loosens the leaves tenuous hold
launches each on its own journey
long ships that sail gracefully away
on the wave of an autumn wind

the bright eyed robin sits and sings
his thin song drowned by bells
scented roses pink in pale sun
dew still fresh on the petals
silk strands tremble between the boughs
as the sun moves around the garden
edges slowly over the dial
we wait for spring to circle round
and blossom buds to break anew



* Willow leaved weeping pear