Rainbows In My Mind

Rainbows in my mind.

Multi-coloured images

Splitting, speeding across the room

In my imagination

Shaping my midnight dreams.


This side effect of drugs,

Prescribed to quell my quaking heartbeat

From its riotous thumping

Towards a normal rhythm

Pulsing in my skeletal frame.


Seemingly electric currents flash

Sparkling red and green and blue and gold

Driving the mortal panic at my being’s core

Causing me to yell

For them to, ‘go away.’


A shining, purple snake slithers with intent

Ever closer to my person.

Recoiling, eyelids closed, the viper still advancing

But now, my room is bathed in light

And so the reptile melts away.


Remember Huxley’s treatise on LSD?

Lauding only joys, not risks?

His book was banned

Now, psychedelic hallucinations

Can herald a welcome cure.