Winda Warrior

I ain’t no burn cat

but this day I’d been ghosted

by me bitch – no show

an’ I needed snout bad.

So I look out in de echo

when we walking around.

De damn sweeper he bin creeping,

seeking it all out. I had me jammer

up against him, he squealing.

appealing, me get no banging out.

We hench from de weights –

Eighters doing bird all de years.

De kangas they had me in bend up,

in rub down, in bang up, damn quick.

Don’t want the marga nicker to preach me –

he can’t teach me nufink.

He gon’ tell de ol’ vanilla an’ I get no jam.

No wonder I de winda warrior screaming at the world.




*Burn Cat – nicotine addict

  Echo – exercise yard

  Hench – fit strong

  Jam – parole

  Kanga – warder, rhyming slang for screw

  Jammer – home made  knife

  Marga – thin weak

  Vanilla – rhyming slang for judge (fudge)