Abstract Poem

The page was disarmingly bare until

A vowel was let loose

From the closely packed consonants

In some pararhymed frenzy,

And an adjective was unstrapped

From its noun

As the verb looked intransigent

Suggesting an independent spirit

As it allowed the infinitive to split!

This let prepositions

Reclaim their right to go last

Usurping the full stop

From its perch.

Capital letters began to look uncertain

As proper nouns demanded to be improper,

And paragraphs questioned how long they had left.

Lyrical poems asked where the music had gone

As figures of speech questioned when

Their number was up.

As for the Ode, it called in the Receiver

And demanded all debts be paid.

Rhyming couplets discussed a trial separation                        

And the Haiku had to go through

A three line whip to make its mark.

As for the simile and metaphor,

They decided on direct action

An explosion of rhyme, meaning and structure

All wrapped in a rich stream

Of ironic, metric symmetry.