Lord Dudley Awakes by Bob Woodroofe

Whoa, what, where am I?
Will you stop that at once,
What do you think you’re doing?
You’ve disturbed my nice sleep.

Stop it, you’re tickling, please.
Ooh, stop, please stop.
How did you know
I was ticklish there?

What on earth’s that noise?
Stop it at once, turn it off.
It’s much too loud,
right in my ear like that.

There’s no peace here,
not even for the dead.
Watch those steps, look out,
they’ll bruise my leg.

Stop leaning over me like that,
get off, you’ll suffocate me.
Just leave me in peace
will you, please.

I said leave me be.
What’s that, 11 o’clock.
Aah, time for prayers.
Oh, thank god for that.