April 2017

The workshop was presented by Sue Johnson and Bob Woodroofe.

The word of the day was “museum”. We began with a free writing exercise as a response to the word “museum”.

This was followed by thinking about “The Museum of Your Life” which was to be the central theme of the workshop. We were asked to imagine what the museum would look like, and what would be in it. A very useful list of prompts and ideas was provided, including “the book case of my life”, “curiosity cabinets”, “musical mystery tour”, “the taste map”.

Sue and Bob told us about their visit to 18 Folgate Street, Spitalfields (a house set up by Dennis Severs tracing the history of a family of Huguenot silk-weavers from 1724 to the 20th century) and each read the poem they wrote about it.

This provided us with material for the first writing session.

When we reconvened the theme was developed by talking about the achievements of Felix Dennis, including his tree planting scheme and his sculpture collection “The Garden of Heroes and Villains”. We were asked to think about creating a personal memorial garden, or ‘blue plaque’ walk, or guided tour of our museum; then to name it and advertise it.

As ever, there was a variety of imaginative responses and ideas which I’m sure will provide opportunities for further writing.

We were all very appreciative of Sue and Bob’s work in giving us a most stimulating workshop.