Tom by Bob Woodroofe

The trip was a bit of a cock-up really,
the day we went to Coventry by way of Banbury.
We went to see this so called religious opera singer.
It was bad enough that they sent us
to the wrong place first,
that really got me annoyed.

But do you know what, when we finally got there,
there was no-one about, the streets were all bare.
When she did eventually turn up,
I never even noticed the horse’s colour,
let alone any of her precious jewellery,
didn’t even hear the music of the bells.

By the way, I’m the son of a tailor, not a piper,
or a peeper, and I don’t like pig much either.
and I’ve never even heard of this lady Godiva.
Didn’t see a blinking thing because
they made me run down the street
and over the hills and far away.