July 2017

Miriam Obrey led the workshop and took the theme of ‘infinity’.

Before we began Miriam informed us that she had learned of the death in January 2015 of Hilary Jayne, a former member of our group. Miriam paid a fitting tribute to Hilary and her work by reading After Your Going by Thomas Lynch one of Hilary’s poems called Handsome Norman.

She began by asking us to think about the idea of infinity: what does it look like? what does it sound like? what does it taste like? what does it smell like? what does it feel like to the touch? where does it live? what would it say?

The responses to these questions was predictably unpredictable and wonderfully varied! Miriam then gave us other ways to contemplate infinity! For example, that symbol like a horizontal figure 8 – which is like the ouroboros and Mobius strip, unending. She developed this into the art of the palindrome and gave us pages of surreal palindromic sentences such as: do geese see god; nurse, I spy gypsies, run; yo, banana boy! We also has symmetry by words such as; fall leaves as soon as leaves fall.

She also gave us lines from William Blake:  To see a world in a grain of sand, And heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour. 

Fortified with all this, we went off to explore infinity in a poem.

It was a most stimulating and entertaining session as shown in the work that was read at the end.