IN-FIN-IT-Y by Bob Woodroofe

First we should take a closer look at ‘in’.
You can think about ‘in’ and work ‘it’ out

Next a ‘fin’ propels a fish through water,
follow that line and you’re ‘in’ much too deep.

You could use ‘fi’ which everyone knows
goes with fe, fo and fum and the giant’s …

You can turn ‘it’ round, change ‘it’ to ‘if.’
Nobody will mind ‘if’ you make ‘it’ ‘fit’
as long as you’re well and feeling healthy.

Try ‘nit’ ‘if’ you’re feeling kind of foolish.
Oh, and have you recently checked your hair?

It helps ‘if’ you’re fast, a little bit quick,
and also if you’re a little bit small

Find a container, give ‘it’ a rattle,
a pity ‘it’ sounds a bit metallic.

Have you filled ‘in’ your lottery ticket?
‘Cos you’ve got to be ‘in’ ‘it’ to win ‘it’

You’re left with ’y’ but that’s the big question.
Got the time, ‘it’s a very long answer.

Doesn’t pay to try to be too clever,
else this poem could go on for ever and ever.

And ever, and ever, and ever, and …….