July 2018

Marg Roberts presented the theme of ‘Friends and Friendship’. She chose a slightly different approach by setting us a series of shorter challenges, twenty minutes or so. For example, we were asked to make a list of friends and then ascribe characteristics to them, based on senses, memories, etc. This was followed by thinking of ‘missing friends’, including those friends we would like to have had, and put them into a location. We were asked to consider our own qualities as a friend, and then set up an opposition to them.

A number of poems were presented to explore ideas. Interestingly, they were presented to us in instalments which highlighted the ‘twist’ at the end. We read:

“Seven Horse Secrets”, and “Three Sketches for Dreams”  by Jane Commane (Assembly Lines, Bloodaxe 2018)

“How my friend went to look for her roots”  by Sasha Dugdale (Joy, Carcanet 2017)