October 2017

The workshop, presented by Martin Underwood, was on the theme of “Shadows”. It seemed appropriate as we were working in the crypt. We began with some general thoughts about shadows; light, dark, angles, light sources. We thought of shadows as  reflections, in mirrors, through stained glass, a sundial, images on screens, etc. We went on to consider how we use shadow in metaphorical expressions such as shadow cabinet, shadow boxing, work shadowing, shadow puppets, 6 o’clock shadow, rain shadow, – the notion of a shadow library was intriguing.

We were asked to make a quick written response – a haiku, for example.

Martin then gave us some poems to read: ‘Shadow’ by Alice Oswald (from ‘Falling Awake’), ‘The Second Jab’ and ‘Spooked’ by Alison Brackenbury, ‘The Valley of the Shadow’ by U.A. Fanthorpe, and ‘Shadows’ by Elizabeth Southall. There was also a series of quotations from a variety of sources, where it was noted how often Shakespeare refers to shadows.